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It’s easy to follow the ebb and flow of trends in the music industry. What’s most intriguing and possibly blasphemous is to persistently go against this popular path of music for the masses. That is not to say that beauty can not be found in the mundane, but that NADJIA has consistently uprooted pop culture music and re-invented it into something more deliciously dark and beautifully brooding.

With this said, NADJIA constantly revolves around the notion that even whence nothing comes something, be it to repel, attract, argue, agree, disgust or exalt. Music is to move, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. As for NADJIA, music is intelligent noise which moves us to dance, to dream, to think or cogitate. Cogitate: the latin origin is “agitare” which is “to disturb”, while “co-agitare” is “to disturb together”.

Since 1996, the concept of NADJIA was to use whatever tools were available “to disturb together”, in other words, to create what was then considered “experimental music”. But then, isn’t music always an “experiment” of creation? This was the answer to their madness, their impenetrable strength and their haunting art. NADJIA uses aural and visual soundscapes to provoke and to entrance. Synth-laden and guitar laced rock infused to convey elements of light and dark. In summary, it is sheer brilliance.

NADJIA : An Introduction
by Azra Pascale
The History
NADJIA was formed in 1996 by Mark Williams while studying at graduate school in LA. Adding to NADJIA’s unique and experimental music using computers, synthesizers, and the occasional sampling from various appliances such as toasters, steamroller or washing machine, Mark was soon joined by a violinist which gave the band another dimensional twist.

NADJIA’s first album release was ‘As It As’ in 1997, followed by ‘Crash Wreck Deconstruct’ in 1998. In 2002, NADJIA took a new direction with the album ‘Damage Control Red’. This release included a diverse and mature sound that appeared to slowly move away from the experimental noise of previous albums. Memorable songs included the darker, grittier elements
of surf rock in “Rzrgrrl”, Love & Rockets inspired guitar rock sound in “Slow Motion Afternoon” and finally, the thoughtfully slow track entitled “Just a Minute More”. Guitarist, Jeff Smith, had collaborated with Mark on the ‘Damage Control Red’ album and eventually became a driving force to the new NADJIA sound.

After several years of musical hiatus, Mark Williams designed and constructed ALAB Studio, and in 2009, produced his most haunting and cohesive NADJIA album entitled ‘Enter Trey Cole’. Pensive and promising, the track entitled “The Ghost in the Amphora”, poignantly conveys this album’s quiet strength. The following year, NADJIA’s personnel included Jeff Smith on guitar as well as a keyboardist, a bassist and a drummer. The band evolved and so did the music. In full swing, NADJIA released ‘Angels of Rust’ in 2010 exploding with power rock songs such as “Until the End of the World’ and “Something About Planes”.

As NADJIA continues to re-invent itself, Mark Williams has described his work as “art in motion”.
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